On September 12, Apple will unveil the iPhone 8, a device that’s been ten years in the making. This won’t be any ordinary iPhone upgrade; rumor has it Apple’s latest smartphone will pack a bevy of new tech, from advanced facial recognition to wireless charging.

We’ve already detailed what to expect from the iPhone 8. Now, we want to take a closer look at the design changes coming to the device. It still features that familiar iPhone look. But with an edge-to-edge panel, all-glass teardrop design, and a modified dual-camera setup, the iPhone 8 will look unlike any Apple device we’ve seen.

Edge-to-edge display

Like the Galaxy S8 and LG V30, the iPhone 8 is expected to feature an edge-to-edge display with minimal bezels. This will allow Apple to stuff a much larger screen into a device that’s hardly bigger than the iPhone 7. Not only will there be more screen to browse the web, FaceTime, and play games, but Netflix and YouTube will look amazing on the larger canvas. In other words, your eyeballs are going to love the iPhone 8’s display.

Lots and lots of glass

Although the general shape and portrait will look the same, Apple’s iPhone 8 will transition to an all-glass design. The main reason, so far as we can tell, is for wireless charging, a feature that’s been widely adopted by Apple’s biggest competitors.

While an all-glass design looks nice—the Galaxy S8 is absolutely gorgeous—there are a few downsides. The big one is the device will be more fragile. If you were frustrated by splintered display, you’ll now have to worry about the backside cracking, too.

The other drawback is glass is impossible to keep clean. If you’re a clean freak, keeping your finger grease from smudging the glass panels will be a losing battle. This is one instance where a case might be a must.

Goodbye, home button

The lack of display bezels means the iPhone 8 will no longer have room for a home button. Before you freak out, Apple has reportedly come up with clever software solutions to mitigate the button’s death. Meanwhile, the device will also reportedly feature advanced facial recognition technology for secure your phone and authenticating payments. The initial shock of not having a home button might be bad, but fans should get used to it pretty quick.