A Quiet Place opened in theaters back in April taking the world by storm due to its horrific use of silence to scare the crap out of audiences. Not only was it a great horror movie, it was also an unexpected hit that already has a sequel in the works.

One of the key marketing elements the movie used was keeping its terrifying monsters that torment John Krasinski and Emily Blunt throughout the movie under wraps during the trailers, leaving an eerie mystery when moviegoers entered the theater. That worked perfectly in scaring up critics and audiences who loved the movie

Two months later, in honor of the digital release of A Quiet Place, Paramount released close-up images of the gruesome creatures that were the culprits for the eradication of mankind.

The key characteristic the creatures have is that they have no eyes; all of their hunting skills derive from their acute sense of hearing. In designing the creatures, the artist gave them some unique ear outlay by exposing their eardrum for heightened hearing abilities. This happens through the shifting of plate-like parts that expose the ears and the gigantic teeth ready to dig into your skin,

This is terrifying nature of the creatures. You have to be silent to save your life, and even though most of us think we can be quiet, doing so is nearly impossible. But when your life depends on it, and use some ingenuity (covering walking paths with sand), you’ll find the lengths you can go to save your life.

In case you haven’t seen A Quiet Place, you can see what all the fuss is about when it’s available digitally June 26 and on Blu-ray on July 10.