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People In U.S. Cities Pay More For Slower Broadband Than Other Cities Abroad

Adriana Lee

Though broadband Internet speeds in the U.S. can vary from one provider to another, there's at least one thing that these ISPs have in common — when it comes to speed and value, they just can't compete with the rest of the world. The New America Foundation released a study that compared high-speed Internet services across several major cities across the globe. Not only did the U.S....

Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Cloud-Based Gaming Company Gaikai for $380 Million

Killian Bell

In what can only be considered a very exciting move for any gamer, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has announced this morning that it has acquired cloud-based game streaming company Gaikai for approximately $380 million. Founded in 2008, Gaikai isn't too different to OnLive, another cloud-based gaming company that is already becoming hugely popular. The service delivers high-quality...