samsung-galaxy-s-relay-4gDoes a rumored device that gets a name change actually constitute as a name change? What has been previously been known as the Galaxy S Blaze Q will, going forward, be known as the equally difficult to say Galaxy S Relay 4G. T-Mobile must've felt it had to get that all-important 4G in the title.

The QWERTY slider has made a few previous appearance, once at the FCC, and then in an official press shot, before training docs reflecting the name change were finally acquired by TmoNews. Everything else sounds as if they're remaining the same: 1.5GHz processor (probably S4), 4.0-inch display, Ice Cream Sandwich, 50GB Dropbox offer for two years, NFC, S-Voice and mobile hotspot capabilities. Also, as TmoNews points at: "Terrible name." Perhaps Samsung is still feeling Olympic fever?

Previous leaks pegged the device to arrive on August 15, but obviously that date has come and gone. With official looking training docs now out in the wild, it's only a matter of time before the Relay 4G shows up at your local T-Mobile store.

[via TmoNews]