T-Mobile CEO John Legere speaks during a news conference at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Two deals in one month? Following up on its "smartphone equality" initiative, T-Mobile this week introduced a brand new SCORE! program—an industry first. You'll have to pay to play, but if you participate, the carrier says you'll never have to pay full price for a new phone again.

It works like this: you pay an extra $5 per month on top of your existing bill. After six months ($30), you'll automatically qualify for a free entry-level smartphone. A year in the program ($60) and you can get up to $150 off a phone like the Galaxy S5. That's an example of an older phone, but newer devices, like the Nexus 6, will be lowered to just $499 after 12 months in the SCORE! program.

There aren't many devices available through SCORE!—10 according to this page—and many of them are low-end to mid-range.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere describes the new plan as a radical new approach, saying it's a "breakthrough improvement" over traditional contracts and slow upgrade cycles. You can join the program now to enroll in the Recurring Charge. The program details six month and 12 month periods, though it's unclear if those payments carry over into an 18 month or 24 month period for even deeper discounts. If you take advantage of the 12 month offer, it restarts your program tenure.

The carrier says prices and other conditions are subject to change without notice.