If you're a T-Mobile USA customer who is fond of the HTC One S' features and design, but not too keen on is gradient blue color scheme, then you may soon have something to smile about. Pictured above is the all matte black HTC One S, but before you go hightailing it over to T-Mobile's website, this device isn't available to customers just yet.

This specialized version of the One S is reportedly an reward to T-Mobile employees who reach specific HTC product sales goals. While there's no guarantee that this version of the handset will go on sale, it is proof that an all black HTC One S does exist with T-Mobile branding inside the United States.

If seeing this black beauty has driven you to the point of obsession, you can always try your luck at an eBay search in hopes that one of T-Mobile's lucky employees has placed their reward up for auction. Or go the unlocked route and buy an international model.

[via: TmoNews]