Tmobile LG Nexus 4If you blinked, chances are you missed your chance to pick up Google's Nexus 4, which went on sale today in the Google Play store. Within minutes, the flagship handset sold out along with its big tablet brother, the Nexus 10. That's a real bummer since there's no other way to get the device, and no expected date for when inventory will once again be available. Unless you go with T-Mobile. The carrier is set to offer the sold out device to consumers on Wednesday, Nov. 14. But it'll come with a few caveats.

According to The Verge, T-Mobile will offer the handset for $199 with two-year contract. That defeats some of the purpose of getting the device in the first place, as the allure of being unshackled by carrier chains is gone from the outset. Sure, the price is a bit cheaper (you do get the 16GB model), but you're stuck for two years. That might be no problem for some, but for others it's not entirely ideal.

T-Mobile's version is exactly the same version you'd get if you went through the Google Play store, so there's no discrepancy there. You can purchase the device from T-Mobile with no contract at all, but the 16GB version will actually cost $499, and not the $350 it's priced at in the Google Play store. The Nexus 4 on T-Mobile will be available in select stores, so if you're really desperate to get the handset now, you might want to call first thing in the morning.

[via TheVerge]