T-Mobile USA originally said it had plans to lay off as many as 900 employees as part of the carrier's restructuring, but it recently said it will also hire additional employees this year.

"This restructuring effort will result in 350 net job reductions," the carrier said. "While approximately 900 positions are being eliminated as a result of these changes;  T-Mobile will move quickly to hire an additional 550 positions in 2012 to support the needs of the business and strategic opportunities."  T-Mobile already confirmed that it will also hire 1,000 new business-to-business employees in the next few years as it begins to build-out its new 4G LTE network and target the enterprise business.

"The majority of the new positions will be located in the Puget Sound area," T-Mobile said in a recent blog post. "These 550 new positions are in addition to the 1,000 new B2B sales representatives T-Mobile plans to hire in the coming years as we aggressively pursue that opportunity."

T-Mobile laid off 1,900 employees earlier this year as it shut down 7 call centers. The carrier now has 17 active call centers in the United States.

[via Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile]