Microsoft just unveiled its next-generation Windows Phone 8 operating system and T-Mobile USA has already said that it will indeed offer Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The carrier currently offers the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 710 and, in a statement to PCMag, said that it is "very bullish on Windows 8 and will be a partner at launch."

"We continue to see strong sales and adoption of the platform with the Nokia Lumia 710 consistently being one of our top five selling smartphones since it launched in January 2012," T-Mobile's senior vice president of product management Brad Duea said in a blog post. "Not only that but, as expected, we've seen a large number of first-time smartphone users select a Windows Phone as their device of choice with 55% of all upgrades to the Lumia 710 coming from a messaging or feature phone. Best of all, they're loving their new smartphones; in fact, Lumia 710 users have some of the highest handset satisfaction scores among all of our customers.

Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC have been announced as Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 partners and we wouldn't be surprised to see devices from any of them end up on T-Mobile's shelves. PCMag also received responses from Cricket, Sprint and MetroPCS, although none of those carriers went on the record to confirm future Windows Phone 8 products.

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