T-Mobile store U.K.

T-Mobile USA has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block Verizon's planned $3.6 billion spectrum purchase from SpectrumCo. Verizon announced in December that it hopes to purchase unused AWS spectrum from SpectrumCo, a joint venture between Bright House, Time Warner and Comcast. T-Mobile USA argued that the deal will provide Verizon with an "excessive concentration" of spectrum. New Jersey's Division of Rate Counsel and MetroPCS have also expressed similar concerns with the proposed deal.

T-Mobile USA no doubt feels threatened by the possibility of Verizon gaining additional spectrum, which will help it provide faster download speeds in more areas to its customers. AT&T planned to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom earlier this year, which could have helped alleviate concerns about T-Mobile's ability to compete against Verizon and AT&T, although the FCC denied that deal late last year.

[via PhoneScoop]