T-Mobile will discuss its newest “Un-Carrier” move on Nov. 10 during a press conference in California. We weren’t quite sure what the carrier had in mind for the event, but a new rumor suggests it may have something to do with streaming video services.

According to Evleaks, T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier X will allow customers to stream video from select services without that video affecting the user’s monthly data allotment.

This would build on T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier 5.0 announcement, when it introduced “Music Freedom.” With Music Freedom, T-Mobile Simple Choice customers can stream from many online streaming music services without that data affecting the monthly pool.

That means that a customer who might have a 1GB plan could potentially stream Netflix and Spotify all he or she wants, without worrying about either service pushing them over the cap.

T-Mobile’s event starts at 11 a.m. PST on Nov. 10, so we’ll know more then.