T-Mobile just announced its latest Un-Carrier event, technically dubbed Un-Carrier 11, where it promises to make yet another major announcement. The company has used its “Un-Carrier” press conferences to discuss sweeping changes from its Binge On service to Data Stash, international roaming and Music Freedom.

T-Mobile teased “It’s.About.To.Go.Down…In Your Office!” for the latest event, though it’s unclear what exactly that means. A recent rumor suggested the company wants to offer customers a very small amount of equity (read: T-Mobile stock) and new prizes like gift certificates to Domino’s and Wendy’s. The “office” part of the teaser suggests it might be more enterprise-focused, however. There won’t be a physical event this time, with T-Mobile instead opting to broadcast the news across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and its website.

Un-Carrier 11 kicks off on Monday, June 6 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. We’ll let you know what happens.