As part of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier 11 announcement yesterday, the company announced that it will give its customers free goodies every “T-Mobile Tuesday” as a “thank you.” That thank you appears to be a busted app today.

I recently booted up a Galaxy S7 provided by T-Mobile to test the new service and noticed that the page where I’m supposed to visit to redeem the Tuesday Prize isn’t loading. A quick Twitter search shows that I’m not alone, with many T-Mobile customers reporting the same problem, or noting an error that a connection to the server couldn’t be established. See below:

Perhaps T-Mobile was met with too much demand – though one might assume it must have realized people would flock to the app for free movie tickets and pizza, right? A T-Mobile spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed or if we hear more.

Update: T-Mobile’s spokesperson only directed us to Twitter when reached for comment. Here’s what T-Mobile’s account said as of 11:26 a.m. this morning.