iPad Air - Press Image - Large

All of the big four wireless carriers in the United States will carry the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display (in addition to the older iPad mini). However, if you look closely on the Apple Store page, you can see that pricing has been revealed for T-Mobile's new iPads, and it stands out against the other carriers.

T-Mobile will apparently sell the tablet with 200MB of free data each month. No, that isn't very much, but it's enough to quickly check your email or bring up your location in Maps when you're in a bind. The carrier also sells a a 1GB package for $20 per month, a 2.5GB package for $30 per month, a 4.5GB package for $40 per month. Still, T-Mobile is the only carrier providing a bit of free data.

The company's CEO promises a new "UnCarrier" approach to the iPads, so perhaps there's still more to come on the pricing front. We'll let you know when it provides more details at 9:00 a.m. Pacific tomorrow.