T-Mobile NYC - Magenta

Several major U.S. wireless carriers have been found guilty, at one point or another, of "cramming" bogus wireless charges to consumer bills. Sprint is the latest carrier to come under fire from the FCC, but an earlier investigation into T-Mobile's practices has resulted in an official refund for T-Mobile customers and fines for the carrier.

T-Mobile has agreed to a $90 million refund with the FCC, news that was announced Friday, and will also pay the commission a $4.5 million fine in addition to fines that it will pay to each state in the U.S. totalling another $18 million, the Associated Press said.

T-Mobile recognized the issue this past summer and noted that it boiled down to third parties who were stuffing SMS-based services, the type that offer you free horoscopes and so-on. Still, T-Mobile did receive a big cut of those revenues, as much as 35-40 percent according to the FCC, and also allowed the practice to continue. Worse, the charges apparently didn't appear in online bills, nor were customers alerted that the fees were recurring monthly.

T-Mobile should begin reaching out to alert customers of the refunds soon.