T-Mobile Domestic Data Roaming Change Apr 5On T-Mobile? Ever find yourself using data outside the confines of Magenta’s network? If so, prepare to change your domestic roaming ways. TmoNews got its hands on some internal reading material that introduces new data roaming allotments due to take effect on April 5.

It’s all for you, dear T-Mobile customers. “To continue providing competitive pricing options in the industry, beginning April 5, 2012, T-Mobile will implement domestic data roaming allotments/limits on all data rate plans.” For example, if you’re in the 200MB – 1.99GB range, as the photo above shows, you’re off network roaming usage will be 10MB. I hope you don’t watch too many YouTube videos.

If you go over the allotted limit, T-Mobile will cut you off completely until the next billing cycle. The document says T-Mobile will notify its customers of the upcoming changes via bill insert, email and SMS. In addition, once the changes go into effect, Magenta will considerately inform customers via text when they reach both 80 and 100 percent of their allotted roaming data.

There are a few exemptions, however, including business/government, small business, and T-Mobile employee accounts. So unless you fall into one of those categories, expect a limited amount of roaming data beginning April 5.

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