Thinking about switching from Verizon to T-Mobile? Now you can try out the UnCarrier's 4G LTE network for free with a two-week trial thanks to the company's latest promotion. It's particularly noteworthy that this is among the first times T-Mobile is going after Verizon specifically, instead of AT&T or Sprint, its usual targets.

T-Mobile already offers a similar deal with its weeklong "Test Drive," offering potential customers a free iPhone for seven days to try out its network. This new program is limited to Verizon subscribers, at least for now, and lets you keep your current number while using a brand-new phone. Test Drive also includes a $699 credit or debit card hold, and we're guessing this new promotion will have similar requirements.

If at the end of your two weeks you're ready to switch to T-Mobile for good, the carrier is also offering up to $650 toward any early termination fees you might incur. That's nothing new for the company, but it works well with this new promotion.

T-Mobile's new campaign kicks off later this month, starting on May 13. You can try it out for yourself then by heading to a carrier store or visiting the company's website.