T-Mobile had a lot to show off earlier this month at CES such as the Dell Streak 7, but the company wasn’t so forthcoming with release dates for the numerous items.  Thanks to some documents obtained by TmoNews, we now have a better idea of when we can expect to see some of thew new tablets and phones.

The biggest news is that it looks like the Dell Streak 7 will be dropping as early as Feb. 2nd, or just eight days from now.  A second document (see below) fills us in that it’s going to sell for $299.99.  This is of course after some form of subsidized rebate, and considering it runs on 4G, we can only imagine how much it will end up costing you in reality.

The LG G-Slate also got a bit of an unveiling, but we won’t be seeing it hit shelves until March, 23rd, and we still don’t know a price on that unit.

Not receiving as much attention as the tablets is the fact the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is getting the 4G treatment from T-Mobile and will be available on Feb. 23rd.  Again, no word on price, but good to know that it is definitely coming to the network in the not so distant future.

All in all it looks like we’re set to be hearing a lot of news from T-Mobile in the not so distant future, and considering the the iPhone 4 is about to drop on Verizon, the other carriers are going to be needing to do all the can to keep some of the attention on themselves.

What say you?  Do any of these T-Mobile announcements excite you?

[via TmoNews]