t-mobile-galaxy-note-ii-004Mere hours after T-Mobile made the Galaxy Note II official on Tuesday, TechnoBuffalo got an opportunity to handle Samsung’s hulking flagship. There isn’t much new to report here; it’s still the same great phone we reviewed earlier this week, just with the expected inclusion of carrier bloatware. The only immediate difference you’ll notice between the T-Mobile iteration and the international flavor is carrier branding, which sits just below the camera on the back. Not a big deal, really.

As expected, the 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor absolutely hums, making swipes, pokes and prods quick and painless. And Jelly Bean? Regardless of your stance on TouchWiz, Google’s latest OS operates wonderfully, giving users the most fluid Android experience yet. Perhaps the most maddening thing about the upcoming device is that we don’t have a release date or price. Carriers for some reason enjoy teasing consumers with an announcement, but completely leave the most important information out. I digress.

If you’re on T-Mobile, and you’re looking for the best Android experience, definitely give the Note II a look. Right now, it’s our top choice among the very best smartphones, which says a lot considering the quality currently on the market. Hopefully we’ll learn pricing and release date soon, though we think we have an idea when it’ll land.