T-Mobile is the fastest carrier, according to new consumer tests conducted around the country. The testing was conducted by real customers using Ookla’s Speedtest app that measured LTE data download and upload speeds, and T-Mobile handily came out on top.

According to the tests, T-Mobile nabbed an average download speed of 31.7 Mbps (megabits per second) and upload speeds of 11.5 Mbps during the third quarter of 2018. That makes it the 19th straight quarter, or 4.5 years, that T-Mobile has topped Ookla’s consumer tests.

Trailing behind T-Mobile was Verizon with an average download of 29.6 Mbps, AT&T with 27.9 Mbps and Sprint with 25.5 Mbps. Verizon and AT&T still claim to have better coverage than T-Mobile, one of their last remaining arguments against T-Mobile as the Un-carrier rapidly gains in popularity. T-Mobile isn’t standing pat to let this claim go unchallenged. It’s in the process of merging with Sprint to one day boast the fastest carrier speeds and best carrier coverage.

Naturally, T-Mobile CEO John Legere jumped at the results praising the carrier as he often does.

Millions of customer experiences across the U.S. show yet again, that the Un-carrier can’t be beat when it comes to speed. Fast speeds mean customers can do more of what they love. More downloads. More shares. More photos. More streams. More of everything. We’ve built the company – and our network – around delivering the best experience to customers, and we won’t stop.

T-Mobile is now in the process of extending its network with the deployment of 600 MHz spectrum to improve its LTE network while also laying down the groundwork for Gigabit LTE and 5G.