John Legere

Last month T-Mobile promised to unveil Uncarrier 4.0 during a press event at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and today the company took to Twitter to tease its big news. Having apparently accomplished everything it set out to do in 2013, T-Mobile shared its list of 2014 resolutions.

Most of T-Mobile’s resolutions are vague enough to make sense without giving anything away. Of course CEO John Legere will continue to call out AT&T every chance he gets, of course the company’s 4G service will improve, and of course more pain points will be removed, that’s what the “Uncarrier” is all about. We also already knew the company had big news to share at CES next week, though just what that will be is still a mystery.

One resolution though, the promise to “Un-shackle the family from those other guys” is specific enough to spark our interest. We’ve already heard a few suggestions that T-Mobile may begin drawing in new customers by offering to pay off their carrier early termination fees (ETFs), essentially removing an incentive to see your old contract through to the end. “Those other guys” almost definitely refers to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. If T-Mobile has a new plan to steal more of their subscribers for itself, we’ll likely learn the details next week.