iPhone 5s Gold, Speakers

T-Mobile on Thursday announced a new option that might spur up additional interest in its prepaid plans. The company said interested customers can now walk into Apple Store locations and purchase an iPhone with a prepaid T-Mobile plan.

Better yet, T-Mobile said that anyone who chooses to buy an iPhone with a prepaid plan will receive $50 off of the new iPhone for a limited time. Additionally, if you decide to purchase an iPhone in general, with one of T-Mobile's regular Simple Choice plans, you'll also get a $50 iTunes gift card. If you don't live near an Apple Store, you might also want to find a nearby Costco, which will now sell the iPad mini with Retina, the iPad Air and the iPhone 5s with T-Mobile services.

Just keep in mind that prepaid means you won't get any sort of carrier subsidization, so you'll be paying out of pocket for the full price of the iPhone if you choose to go that route. We just hit up T-Mobile's site where the iPhone 5c is already listed and it will set you back $589.84, including the SIM starter kit and the a $30 refill card. The savings, then, is in the more affordable monthly bills instead of the upfront cost.