T-MobileT-Mobile is in no way, shape or form moving toward shared family data plans, even if other players in the industry are. Following news that Verizon is nixing grandfathered unlimited data in favor of shared family data plans, Andrew Sherrard, T-Mobile Senior Vice President of Marketing, said it just ain’t gonna happen on its network.

“Do families really want to keep track of each others’ data consumption?” Sherrard says. “We don’t think so. Just imagine mom’s email is suddenly unavailable because her teenage son watched an HD movie on his phone, consuming the family’s data allotment.”

First: Do people watch entire HD movies on their phones while on the go? Second: Can’t mom or dad just say, “Hey, watch Netflix over Wi-Fi only?” I’d think families would be a little more proactive than Sherrard thinks. The exec goes on to argue that customers prefer not to have a “one size fits all” plan, and that they would not “benefit from that model.”

T-Mobile’s current plans allow customers to purchase data for the amount they estimate each family member will need, with no caps on unlimited plans, and with higher plans receiving more features.

“While some in the wireless industry explore potentially complicated and expensive shared data plans, T-Mobile will continue to deliver affordable 4G data with flexible pricing on America’s Largest 4G Network,” Sherrard said.

[via TmoNews]