T-Mobile and BlackBerry haven’t exactly been on great terms recently. After some controversial trade-in offers, the Canadian-phone maker cut ties with the carrier earlier this month. In response, T-Mobile’s CEO promised the company would continue to support any BlackBerry owners on its network. “We hear and stand with you,” he said at the time, but just a few weeks later T-Mobile is at it again. This time the carrier is offering $200 when its BlackBerry-owning customers switch to a Samsung smartphone.

T-Mobile’s new deal is available for any JUMP plan subscribers currently using a BlackBerry device. If you trade in your current smartphone for a Samsung model you’ll receive a gift card worth up to $200. Trading up for any other handset, including another BlackBerry, will earn you up to $100 instead. The offer is good through 2014, so there’s no rush to ditch your BlackBerry just yet.

We have a feeling BlackBerry won’t be too happy when it hears about T-Mobile’s latest offer, though the phone-maker can’t really do anything about it after already pledging to end all business with the UnCarrier. Any chance of the two companies working together in the future is likely off the table though, which means if you want to try out any of BlackBerry’s upcoming devices you’ll probably have to switch to a competing carrier.