Samsung Galaxy S II in white for T-Mobile - frontIf you decide to pick up a new device from T-Mobile this weekend you’ll have a new option on how to pay for it. This weekend only T-Mobile is allowing customers to pay for new products in monthly installments rather than pay the entire price of a device up front.

So, what does that mean to you?

If you were planning on picking up a new handset that would typically cost $199 with a new two-year agreement, you can pay a little over $8 a month for the length of your contract rather than pony up the $199 at the beginning of your agreement.

Like every good deal there’s a catch: you will have to pony up the cash for the total cost of your device at first, but then T-Mobile will reimburse for the price via a rebate. You’ll also have to sign a new 2-year agreement on the device, which can add up to quite the chunk of change over a 2-year period.

What do you think? Is the deal enough to make you want to buy a handset on T-Mobile this weekend?

[via CNET]