On Feb 11th and 12th, T-Mobile will be offering all of its phones for free with a tw0-year contract.  If you’ve been thinking about switching to T-Mobile, now would be the time.

T-Mobile announced today that it will be running a Valentine’s special on Feb 11th and 12th that will see all of its phones, including 4G models, being given away for free with qualifying two-year contracts. This will include such phones as:

“Smartphones offer people incredible flexibility to stay connected and express their love to the people that matter most,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “T-Mobile’s Valentine’s promotion makes it easier for anyone to get their favorite smartphone and keep connected on America’s largest 4G network.”

Of course there are some disclaimers such as some phones may require a mail-in rebate card, some locations may not be participating – our bet would be mall kiosks – and no rain checks will be given if the phone you want is out of stock.  So, in short, if there is a phone you’ve really had your eye on, call the nearest location to you a few days before hand to make sure they are participating, and then make sure you get there as early as you can on Friday.

We have to say, this is one of the most aggressive campaigns we’ve ever seen from a cellular carrier.  T-Mobile giving away phones is a bold move, and we’re not sure which other carriers, if any, might ever follow in its footsteps, but we have to tip our metaphorical hat to them for a pretty out there promotion.

What say you?  Anything at T-Mobile you’d like to pick up for free?  Think we might see any other carriers try a promotion like this?