T-Mobile just announced that its Lumia 521, which the carrier has been rather coy on since the announcement back in February, will make its debut on HSN. Yes, the Home Shopping Network. The device will be available with a screen protector and a car charger for $149.95 and free shipping. T-Mobile will also offer the phone with its flex pay options.

The device will make its in-store debut on May 11, when it launches in Walmart and Microsoft Retail Stores. The phone will be available for $149, although it sounds like the bundle deal is only good if you buy it early from the Home Shopping Network. T-Mobile said it can be bundled with its new uncarrier plans but didn't say what the monthly payments for the device will be, or if there are any at all.

The Lumia 521 is an entry-level Windows Phone 8 device and will run on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. It's equipped with a 4-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording HD video and Nokia's suite of Windows Phone apps such as Maps, Transit, HERE Drive and more.