T-Mobile Event July 2013 - 01

Yesterday, CNNMoney named Apple's Tim Cook CEO of the year, followed by BlackBerry's John Chen. Today, the news outlet is back, but this time with the company of the year. The winner is T-Mobile.

CNNMoney has several reasons for why it believes T-Mobile deserves the accolade, though most seem to surround its "Un-carrier" moves during 2014, which included paying off rival early-termination fees to attract customers, free in-flight texting, international roaming, a test drive, data rollovers and more. The news outlet argues that these moves helped T-Mobile gain 3.5 million customers during the year as it attracted consumers away from competitors.

During a conference call discussing its latest "Un-carrier" moves, T-Mobile admitted that it's still building out its 4G LTE network, which primarily offers service in urban areas and typically drops off outside of them — while competitors like AT&T and Verizon don't have as much of a problem in those areas. In 2015, T-Mobile hopes to continue to spread its LTE coverage, while also offering continuing to bring its 700MHz spectrum online for better coverage indoors. Can it win two years in a row?