T-Mobile first introduced its Music Freedom bonus back in June and it allows you to stream your favorite music services without that data chewing into your monthly allotment. It supported Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio and a few others at launch, and T-Mobile added six new services, including Rdio, Songza and others, back in August. Today, it's adding support for another 14 music services.

The highlight for a lot of folks, at least Android users, might be the addition of Google Play Music, but there are plenty of other fresh options. Microsoft's Xbox Music is also now supported, as is SoundCloud, RadioTunes, Digitally Imported, Fit Radio, Fresca Radio, JAZZRadio, Live365, Mad Genius Radio, radioPup,, ROCKRADIO and Saavn. That means that, save for TuneIn, T-Mobile Music Freedom now supports all of the most popular streaming services in the United States, according to a March report from Statista.

T-Mobile said that about 25 percent of the new customers it has gained from other carriers have jumped due to Music Freedom, and that streaming music service traffic on its network has increased 300 percent since it introduced the deal. Customers, T-Mobile said, stream about 200TB of data daily, or 66 million songs. T-Mobile said it now supports 27 total services and that it plans to add more as customers continue to request access to other options.