We asked you, the readers, to submit the craziest ways that you've lost or damaged your phone. The responses are nothing short of hilarious so far, and now it's time for you to vote on the final top ten.

As a reminder, the grand prize winner will receive a free year of T-Mobile service in the form of the Monthly4G™ No Annual Contract $50 unlimited plan, a free year of Monthly4G™ Handset Protection, a Nokia Lumia 710 and a D3O® Gel Skin protective case made with military grade technology.

Plus, each of the three runner-ups will win 6 months of T-Mobile service, 6 months of T-Mobile's handset protection and a Lumia 710. We'll run this poll for two days and announce the final winners on July 13th (two days from today).

Here are our top ten favorite stories so far, in no particular order:

Andy Cazares –  "Ok, so i was was listening to music when my dog started barking really loud so i reached into the treat jar and pulled out a treat. I had my phone in one hand and a treat in the other i bent down to give my dog the treat but he jumped on me and bit my phone. Then he started running around the house real fast, when i finnaly caught him he didn't have it in  his mouth  anymore couple seconds later my phone started ringing inside of my dog. Then all of a sudden it stopped. All in all we had to take my dog to the vet and surgically remove it. Now i have to use an old flip phone."

Chris Knowles – "One day I was on a walk with one of my friends, and I tripped near a sewer. I dropped the phone into the sewer, and me and my friend were gonna try and get it.
We opened the sewer hinge, and I climbed down the ladder. I saw my phone there, but I also saw a big spider on it. The thing is that, I'm terrified of spiders,
but this time was different. I manned up to go down, and I tried to kick the spider away, but it latched on my leg. I reached for the phone, only to grab a spider
instead. I screamed as it crawled up my arm, and I tried to shake it off as much as I could while running up the ladder. My friend came down, spraying a water hose and had atleast, pushed all the spiders off of me. The thing is that, when he sprayed the water hose. It had sprayed my phone, and now it no longer works. Hope this wins!"

Giovanni Guzman-  "On may 5th me and my cousin went sky diving because that's what i wanted for my birthday and silly me decided to record with my Samsung Galaxy S and i forgot to attach it to my jumpsuit, well as we were falling down i was having a good time recording everything. Once my instructor pull the chute, i lost grip of my phone and watch it fall about 5,000 feet. When we got down on ground, me and my cousin searched for about an hour and finally found the phone. Luckily it had an Otterbox case on it, the case was completely shattered, there was a tiny little crater in the grass, and my phone screen was cracked and leaking and the battery and back cover were missing. Never found those. As for the video, i actually have it. I had an app running on my phone which instantly streamed my video as it recorded. I'll try and send it to y'all or post in on youtube!"

Pamela Doe – "me and my boyfriend were on our way home from an amusement park we were talking about what a great day we had, my boyfriend in his infinite wisdom had decided to drink multiple sodas right before we had to leave for a 3 hour trip home. finally after complaining about having to pee with no rest stops for miles we agreed to pull over and have him go in the woods on the side of the highway.  while he was doing his business i heard my boyfriend scream like a 12 year old girl, to my shock a raccoon had approached him and he stood there frozen in fear, the first thing that came to my mind was to throw something near it to scare it off and what i had in my hand was my palm pixi, i never thought my softball experience in high school would come in handy, long story short i scared away the raccoon and saved my boyfriend.  needless to say he will never live this down but i was rewarded with an iphone 4 for saving his life :)"

John H. – "A bunch of friends were ice fishing for the first time and we had the phone out playing music, having a good time and had mentioned before to watch out not to knock the phone.  Soon after, someone came into the tent to warm up and guess what happened. Yes the phone got knocked and swoosh perfectly into the ice fishing hole, the music cut off, it was silent and everyone was stunned in shock at what had happened, staring as the phone fluttered to the bottom of the lake."

Michael Stuckart – "So went out for a day of paintballing, kept my phone in a leather holster deep in one of my pockets to keep it safe. Went out to the sidelines as I was finishing up after the long day, feeling safe behind the sideline mesh I pulled out my phone to check my messages, as I was removing it from the holster a paintball shot at one of my friends curved around the cover he was behind, then his head, went perfectly through a whole in the mesh and hit the screen of my phone breaking it.  So as I pulled my phone out it got nailed and broke, a not so happy ending to a awesome day."

Dajuan Santos – "I dropped my blackberry curve in cake batter and dropped it on the floor. My dog (a great dane) came running in the kitchen and ate it. I had to take him all the way to the vet where they had to give him emergency surgery to remove it. My dog is now fine but sadly the phone is no longer with us :)"

Laura – "My husband had his phone in his front pocket. He was checking his mother's septic tank. When he bent forward, it fell right in. We didn't go after it!"

Sonicmaster92345 – "One bright and sunny day, during last summer, I was helping my Dad re-shingle the backyard side of the roof of our house. I had decided that setting my phone down would be a good way to prevent myself from laying down on it while it was in my pocket. My Dad and I then continued to the front side of the roof to finish the job. Little did I realize that since it was 90 degrees outside, the roof was deep in the 100's of degrees, and on top of that, my phone was receiving direct sunlight. After a couple hours, I came back to check my text messages and found that my phone had melted securely (soldered) to the shingles and refused to turn on! The only way to remove it was by ripping off two hours worth of work and doing it all over again. But hey, at least I finally had a good excuse for my parents to get me a new phone =)"

Jacob Freeman – " My wackiest way of destroying my phone was i was playing around in my court with a tennis ball and my racket; i decided to see how high i could hit the ball consecutively i managed to hit the ball higher and higher each time, on the 9th time i lost the ball, so i ran forward and i get a text a message, stopped in midtracks and the tennis ball comes down right in front of my face smacks my phone breaks it and then proceeds to ricochet against my face breaking my nose and leaving the word wilson on my face. So, not only did i lose my streak, my phone and my face was broken. so i stopped hitting the ball into the sky since that day which was about 6 years ago." – Jacob Freeman