We asked you, the readers, to submit the craziest tales you have that relate to how you've lost or damaged your phones. In return, we'll provide a free year of T-Mobile service in the form of the Monthly4G™ No Annual Contract $50 unlimited plan, a free year of Monthly4G™ Handset Protection, a Nokia Lumia 710 and a D3O® Gel Skin protective case made with military grade technology. Plus, we're also offering 6 months of T-Mobile service, 6 months of T-Mobile's handset protection and a Lumia 710 to each of the three runner ups.

We're not ready to announce the winners just yet; we'll publish the top 10 stories on July 10th and let you vote in a poll to choose which four stories are the best. We figured it would be fun to show you some of our favorites so far, however. To be clear, these are not winners, they're just five that we like so far and we want to see which ones you enjoy the most, too.

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Which one do you like best so far? In no particular order:

1. "I was pogo-sticking for at least ten minutes straight… Then my brother threw a baseball at my pogo-stick and I fell on my left side which had my phone in it (Samsung Transform) and the whole screen was cracked… Sad Day." – Jacob Boe

2. "I was walking down the street and saw someone I new ( The girl I liked) Yeah and you know when you see someone outrageously attractive, you tend to get nervous and sweaty so she waved at me so I had to wave back, my palms were sweaty and I had my phone in my hand so when I went to go wave at her BAD MISTAKE! Next thing I new my phone goes flying in the street, Its get mutilated, and I look like an idiot lol." – Darthmonkey27

3. "Ok, so i was was listening to music when my dog started barking really loud so i reached into the treat jar and pulled out a treat. I had my phone in one hand and a treat in the other i bent down to give my dog the treat but he jumped on me and bit my phone. Then he started running around the house real fast, when i finnaly caught him he didn't have it in  his mouth  anymore couple seconds later my phone started ringing inside of my dog. Then all of a sudden it stopped. All in all we had to take my dog to the vet and surgically remove it. Now i have to use an old flip phone." – Andy Cazares

4. "While mine might not be the wackiest, but here we go. I was gator fishing with my uncle down in Louisiana. It was a year ago, and my first time hunting as well. It was a mid-sized boat, and 2 other people were there with me (I was really there only to watch and tag). I had just got my new Galaxy SII, and I was taking pictures when a 12 foot gator (which is humongous) slammed into the right side of the boat, knocking my phone into the water. I was unbelievably pissed, and had to use a flip phone for a month before getting another smartphone." – Deadly_attack

5. "My wife was planting saplings about a year after we bought our, her phone in the chest pocket of her overalls. When I called her after work she heard a faint ringing somewhere under the ten trees she had planted that day. Yes, she had buried her phone under a tree. It was never found, we just replaced it. We still check each year to see if a Blackberry sprouts from the roots of one of our trees." – Chris Callicoat