T-Mobile on Wednesday began selling the LG G4, just as expected. The new flagship Android smartphone is available online from the carrier’s website — it’s not yet available in T-Mobile stores, so don’t go lacing up your rollerblades just yet —and will set you back a cool $600 without a contract. You can also acquire the G4 for $24.99 per month for 24 months with $0 down.

T-Mobile’s G4 offer is slightly more attractive than other carriers. While competitors are tossing in a free 32GB microSD card and, in some cases a free replaceable battery, T-Mobile is upping the ante with a free 128GB microSD card. A quick glance at Amazon, and that’s worth anywhere between $80 to $100. Not too shabby.

The G4 is going to be your best bet right now if you want a flagship smartphone with expandable storage and a removable battery. It also has a pretty stellar camera and a screen that’ll melt your eyeballs. Hit the source to grab one now.