We’re super, super excited for HTC’s Windows Phone 8X smartphone to launch later this fall. We also already know that AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will offer the device and, now, T-Mobile has launched a sign-up page for anyone who is interested in more information on the phone.

T-Mobile stopped short of detailing a price or when the phone will launch, and it isn’t allowing pre-orders just yet, but we typically see these type of sites pop-up when a launch is impending. The site does at least reveal that T-Mobile will carry the flagship blue model of the device. Hopefully it adds a few of those bright neon colors, too.

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to detail the rest of Windows Phone 8, which is likely to happen in late October on or around the 29th, so we have a feeling this device won’t launch until the end of October or early November.

[via T-Mobile, Engadget]