tmobile tablets deal

Looking for a father's day gift for dad? T-Mobile is offering $100 off some of the best tablets from Apple and Samsung. The deal includes the carrier's promise of free data with an LTE capable tablet and covers the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) along with the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

All three tablets are available from T-Mobile for $0 upfront. The new Galaxy Note 10.1 costs a total of $600 in the form of 24 monthly $25 payments. The carrier is also offering the same deal for the latest Apple tablets, though this discount only lasts for nine days through June 15.

If you're looking for a nice gift for dad this is a solid option, and it also works if you're looking to pick up a new Android or iOS tablet for yourself. If you don't mind waiting a bit longer it might be worth holding off though. Samsung is expected to announced a new lineup of AMOLED tablets next week at a New York press event, while Apple will likely refresh its iPad lineup this fall to include Touch ID fingerprint sensors and other improved hardware.