T-Mobile is allegedly working on an unlocking app that could make unlocking your future handset a breeze. According to documentation acquired by TmoNews, the carrier is developing a tool that would allow users to easily request a mobile device unlock—either temporarily or permanently—though it sounds like the breadth of devices supported is very narrow. As in, the tool will only supposedly be compatible with one Android device (so far).

With the app in the earliest stages of development, chances are wider support will roll out if/when the app is released. TmoNews says that, so far, the tool is going to support specific Android devices—as of this writing, that apparently only extends to the Samsung Galaxy Avant. TmoNews's source actually brought the app to the site's attention just before the UnCarrier 5.0 event, though only now did TmoNews get the internal documentation corroborating its existence.

The app is basically a way of requesting an unlock without actually having to call a T-Mobile representative. You open the app, choose if you want a temporary or permanent unlock, and then the app will let the user know if their request has been successful. If successful, a device reboot will be required for the unlocking to work. There's been a lot of movement around phone unlocking, and it's really no surprise to see T-Mobile at the forefront.

It sounds like the tool will only be available for Android users—perhaps Apple will allow the T-Mobile unlocking app to live in the App Store, which would then be downloaded at the discretion of T-Mobile customers.