unlocked-iphoneT-Mobile’s iPhone envy is nothing new. It’s known and talked about. But over the years, even with that void still unfilled, the company has seemed to get on well enough by grabbing some of the market’s biggest handsets. Yet, T-Mobile execs have rarely shied away from voicing their desire to offer the device, even going so far as catering to the unlocked iPhone crowd. Still, even with the distinction of being one of a few carriers without Apple’s handset, T-Mobile isn’t going to bend over backwards in order to change that.

“Make no mistake about it: We would love to carry the iPhone,” T-Mobile COO Jim Alling said at an event in Barcelona. “However, we want the economies to be right for us.” Alling went on to explain that the carrier would never sign a deal that didn’t allow it to turn a profit until 2015, like Sprint did. T-Mobile didn’t namedrop Sprint specifically, but there’s no doubt which company Alling was talking about.

Alling went on to say that he hopes T-Mobile’s network modernization project, which utilizes the 1900MHz band, will add to the carrier’s 1.5 million unlocked iPhone userbase.

In truth, it’s been a tough road for T-Mobile without the Apple device, with the company blaming its latest customer exodus on the iPhone 5 launch. Be that as it may, the carrier does offer a nicely rounded lineup of handsets, including the Nexus 4, Galaxy S III and Note II. The iPhone, well, you might want to look elsewhere if you really want the popular device.

[via TmoNews]