T-Mobile has repeatedly said that it would like to offer the iPhone, and it may announce its intentions to do so as early as next week. Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig recently sent a note to investors that said "speculation is heightening" that the company's parent firm, Deutsche Telekom, will reveal its iPhone intentions during analyst meetings that kick off on December 6.

As Fortune explains, the idea isn't that far fetched. First, T-Mobile is the only big four wireless carrier that doesn't currently offer the iPhone. It has also been trying to grab AT&T iPhone customers with promises of lower data rates and a fast HSPA+ network. Technically, the ground work is already in place for T-Mobile to promise HSPA+ speeds in 10 cities.

Craig said "any financial impact would be limited" if T-Mobile does indeed introduce the phone and will only increase Apple's revenue by a single percentage point.

[via Fortune]