T-Mobile Infographic

T-Mobile on Thursday announced that, through a partnership with Assurant Solutions, it is now offering device protection for prepaid smartphone owners under its Monthly4G Handset Protection plan. The program is available now for just $7 per month and covers accidental damage, water damage, loss, theft and mechanical or electrical malfunction… even after your phone's warranty has expired. "There has been increased consumer demand for no-annual contract wireless plans and our Monthly4G plans are being adopted in record numbers -– with our prepaid business doubling over the past year," said T-Mobile USA's vice president of marketing and head of prepaid Mike Katz.

T-Mobile cited a recent survey from Kelton Research which found that two in five americans have lost, damaged or had their smartphones stolen. Of those surveyed who damaged or lost their phone, 45% lost it in a bus, taxi or on a subway, 37% scratched the screen (no biggie, right?), 23% accidentally left it at a nightclub and 20% dropped it in a toilet (been there, done that).

As one might expect, younger users tend to lose or damage their phones more often than older ones. Kelton Research found that 54% of those between 18-29 have, at one time, damaged their smartphones. Just 23% of those surveyed older than 30 damaged their smartphones.

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Check out the infographic from T-Mobile and Kelton Research for more information on how users lose and mistreat their devices.