After a rough few years, HTC was back to its best with the HTC 10, proving that it still has plenty to offer. But despite mostly positive reviews from critics and fans, it appears the company still can’t catch a break.

Without warning, T-Mobile has scrubbed every mention of the HTC 10 from its website, as if the device never existed at all—and this apparently happened back in July without anybody noticing. The device only just launched toward the end of May, which means its relationship with T-Mobile was very short lived. What does that say about the HTC 10’s fate? Well, T-Mobile didn’t hesitate to drop the BlackBerry Priv following underwhelming sales, so perhaps this is a similar situation.

The original Reddit post, where this story originated, is from 22 days ago, and there apparently hasn’t been new inventory since. One T-Mobile rep reportedly confirmed to Reddit user spartan_II_117 that the carrier no longer sells the device, though consumers may get lucky if they find a retail store that has old inventory.

“T-Mobile has sold out of the HTC 10 online, however T-Mobile customers can still purchase HTC 10 with T-Mobile service from with UH-OH Protection,” HTC explained to TechnoBuffalo. “With UH-OH Protection HTC will replace the HTC 10 for free if the screen cracks or there is water damage during the first 12 months of owning it.” HTC’s online price will set you back $700.

“The HTC 10 is no longer available on, as we don’t have inventory to support taking online orders,” a T-Mobile spokesperson explained to TechnoBuffalo. “While we won’t be receiving additional inventory, we do have limited quantities available at participating T-Mobile stores. Customers interested in purchasing the HTC 10 can check with their local T-Mobile store, or purchase directly from and we’ll welcome them with open arms on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network.”

If it’s any consolation, rumor has it HTC is building two new Nexus devices.