T-Mobile has been making it a habit of picking fights with Verizon. Today is no different. T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Wednesday started another fight by introducing a new deal to woo Verizon customers to switch to T-Mobile.

With an official announcement and companion video featuring the eclectic CEO, Legere said T-Mobile will pay off Verizon customers' phones if they switch to T-Mobile. The deal is good for up $1,000 owed in payments to Verizon. Verizon customers who own a Pixel, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE qualify for the offer.

All customers have to do is transfer their number and sign on for a T-Mobile One plan and they'll be set.

The deal is pretty enticing if you're thinking of switching. But the good news doesn't end there. T-Mobile also took the opportunity to announce that its data limit (before throttling) is being increased from 22GB to 32GB.

"While Verizon continues to de-prioritize people when they hit 22GB, at T-Mobile, our prioritization threshold keeps growing," Legere said. "In fact, today I want to let you know that we're upping it to 32GB because our network was built for it."

Dubbing the new campaign #GetOutOfTheRed, Legere continued to bash Verizon, saying its network was "tanking" since it implemented unlimited data.

The deal will start May 31 for Verizon customers looking to switch. A similar deal will apply to AT&T and Sprint customers, but they must finance a new phone through T-Mobile to take advantage of the incentive. Not as sweet a deal, but it's worth considering.