samsung-galaxy-s-iii-summer-gadget-guideThe market's most powerful Android handset is getting an early sampling of Jelly Bean — on T-Mobile. Thanks to the ever-reliable XDA, Galaxy S III owners can now get their hands on a leaked version of Google's latest version of Android. It'll take a bit of wizardry to get the build running on your device — flash Jelly Bean over a stock S III — but the effort is certainly worth it.

Not much community feedback has been given as to whether the leak works without incident, so proceed with caution if you feel like taking the risk. Better to let someone who knows what they're doing work out all the bugs before doing something irreversible to your nature-inspired handset. Hit up the source link for the full instructions, along with a download link to the correct Android 4.1.1 firmware.

[via AndroidCentral]