Starting tonight at 8PM EST T-Mobile USA's Samsung Galaxy S II will have an optional update available. Oddly enough, we're almost positive that you'll want to snag this "optional" piece of software, as it is the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update that many of you have been waiting for. Now, before you starting running to your phones settings in hopes of forcing an over-the-air update, we must warn that this new software will be exclusively available via Samsung's Kies desktop software.

As for the qualifying prerequisites for the jump to official Android 4.0.3 , you'll need at least 50 percent battery life, Android 2.3.6 version T989UVKID and the latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or Mac. Not only upping your OS' status from a "2" to a "4," version T989UVLE1 will also bring stability and performance improvements, as well as enhancements to voicemail and Wi-Fi calling.

[via: T-Mobile USA]