T-Mobile is starting to kill the remaining Galaxy Note 7 units that are trying to access its network. A new patch released to the smartphone is remotely shutting down the device’s battery. The move follows a widespread recall of the Galaxy Note 7, which Samsung stopped manufacturing following battery defect issues.

The update will continue to alert the user of the Galaxy Note 7 recall but will also “prevent the charge ability of the device.” In other words, once that phone runs out of juice, it seems like there won’t be any other way to power it up again.

Let it go

Users might try to skirt this by avoiding the patch altogether, but doing so would only put those users and the folks around them at risk of burns or damage from battery fire. Indeed, the Galaxy Note 7 is still banned from all flights, whether it’s powered on or not, so you can see the sort of risks anyone who still has a unit is still taking.

If you’re in the small batch of people who still has a Galaxy Note 7, do us all a favor and return it. Folks on other carriers can expect similar updates in the near future, though Verizon has said it will wait until the new year to roll out its versions.