Say what you will about it, people lining up outside Apple stores on launch days has gained something like legendary status. It's a familiar sight to everyone, geek or no, especially since most of the carriers experienced the phenomenon when they each started carrying the iPhone. Well, now it's finally T-Mobile's turn.

Becoming an official iPhone carrier is a momentous occasion for Magenta, which has long been an unofficial supporter of unlocked Apple devices for years. Today's first-ever sales of the iPhone 5 was met with anticipation and enthusiasm, at least judging by the scene outside T-Mobile retail stores. Granted, the lines are kind of modest — especially when compared to those opening-day hooplas at Apple stores — but considering the queue is for a device that has been out for six months, it's not too shabby. Similar lines have been spotted at various Tmo retail outlets across the country.

Part of the reason for that is the budget price — just $99 (via Uncarrier plan and $20 monthly installment payments). The even wallet-friendlier price of zero can also be had if a customer comes in from another carrier with a trade-in device.

We hope for the carrier's sake that it doesn't continue to get saddled with later release dates than everyone else. Tmo must be itching to find out how long those lines could go when it actually gets a fresh new Apple device closer to launch.