For the first time in, well, ever, Apple’s new iPhone(s) will launch simultaneously on all four big carriers here in the U.S.—including T-Mobile. The carrier has long been the lone absentee during big iPhone launches—T-Mobile didn’t get any Apple devices until this year—but a new Bloomberg report suggests that’s about to change. That, combined with the potential to reach China Mobile subscribers, could make the Cupertino company’s upcoming reveal huge, and could put a huge dent in Android’s overwhelming market dominance across the bloge.

In terms of how the iPhone launch will affect T-Mobile, Bloomberg says the device(s) could lure customers away from AT&T, and maybe even Verizon. With a new Uncarrier strategy and JUMP upgrade plan in place, customers in line for an upgrade might see the value behind T-Mobile’s aggressive reshaping of the mobile market; the carrier has already seen a strong increase in customers since launching Uncarrier, and shiny (and colorful!) new devices will only help.

Much of the success in convincing people to switch might come down to Apple’s iPhone 5C specifically, which may not cost all that much off-contract. With the benefit of contract-free options and generous prepaid strategies, existing AT&T customers might be more willing to consider T-Mobile once Apple’s new gear launches.

All of that is based purely on speculation from market analysts. But the good news if you’re a T-Mobile customer is that Apple’s iPhones should be available through the carrier at the same time as everyone else. That’s huge—not just for T-Mobile, but Apple as well.