T-Mobile has been shaking up the way carriers do business over the past couple with years by introducing new plans that give more benefits to its customers. Now the Uncarrier sweetening up those deals with crazy discounts on many flagship phones.

T-Mobile is offering huge savings on the LG V20 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Customers can get these phones for $360, or $15 a month (for 24 months). That is a $419 discount for the S7 Edge, $409 discount on the V20 and $313 for the S7. That’s insane savings, but the deals don’t end there. T-Mobile is also offering a $150 Tax Time Switcher offer and Tax Season Smartphone offer, which can push the accrued savings up to over $550 per line.

Anybody can take advantage of the deal, including existing T-Mobile customers.

That’s an impressive counter move at Verizon, who responded to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan with its own offering. T-Mobile responded with the same set of features for its unlimited plans (10GB of tethering and 720p video stream) but this offer might be the one to lure customers away from Verizon.

The new deals are available now and end Feb. 23 , so if you’re thinking of jumping on it, better do it soon.

With S8 on the horizon, this might be a ploy to get rid of inventory

These T-Mobile deals are pretty sweet, but there might be an ulterior motive behind them. LG’s G6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 (and S8 Edge) will be introduced in the upcoming weeks. LG and Samsung’s new flagship phones have been dogged by constant leaks. This usually means a phone is about to be released.

Even so, if there was a potential customer on the wall about switching to T-Mobile, jumping on this deal would be wise. The V20 and S7 Edge are still fantastic phones with top-of-the-line specs and great displays and you can get them at a 50% discount.