T-Mobile Event July 2013 - 07

T-Mobile has done plenty to shake up the industry this year, from letting its customers upgrade their smartphone twice per year, instead of once every two years, to offering free roaming service around the world, but the company may have one more surprise up its sleeve. Eccentric CEO John Legere teased an Uncarrier 4 announcement last night on Twitter, promising to address yet another issue customers have with the way most carriers do business.

There’s little indication what T-Mobile and Legere will announce, though the Randall hashtag at the end of the CEO’s tweet may provide a clue. In a previous message, Legere, quotes AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, suggesting Uncarrier 4 may be a direct attack against the rival carrier, which recently unveiled its own Mobile Share Value plans in an effort to cut data costs. 

Legere’s earlier tweet has us thinking the upcoming announcement may have something to do with customer service, which is certainly a “pain point” for many. The truth though, is that there’s no predicting what T-Mobile’s unpredictable chief will do next. We imagine the Uncarrier 4 announcement will come during CES in early January.