BlackBerry Q10-VS-Z10-Bold-Back

Last month T-Mobile launched a new promotion, this time targeting BlackBerry owners with the promise of $200 in credit when they turned in their working handsets. With just a day until the deal is pulled from the table, T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert took to Twitter today to announce that it's been a huge success, and that over the past two weeks the carrier has noticed 15x the trade-ins than before its most recent promotion.

It's particularly noteworthy because BlackBerry fans were the ones who were upset at T-Mobile in the first place, when the carrier initially called on BlackBerry owners to upgrade to an iPhone instead. Even BlackBerry CEO John Chen was upset with the move. T-Mobile reacted with an even better offer for BlackBerry fans, and said that they could upgrade to any phone, including a brand new BlackBerry. Last month, however, Sievert revealed that about two-thirds of BlackBerry owners end up upgrading to a competing OS – it's unclear what the final tally is, but we're guessing it hasn't changed much.

You can still take advantage of the offer by bringing a working BlackBerry to a T-Mobile store and asking for an upgrade. So long as it's in working condition, you'll be able to turn in the device toward credit for a new one. The deal ends on Wednesday.