AT&T trashed T-Mobile in a new print ad that ran earlier this month, and now T-Mobile’s getting ready to run its response. The carrier already showed that it’s willing to talk a big game during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, when its CEO took the stage and flat out said AT&T’s network in crap.

T-Mobile’s advertisements, spotted by TmoNews, could start running as early as today. They feature slogans such as “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?” and “What keeps AT&T up at night? Apparently us.” They’re definitely witty and a bit funny.

T-Mobile says that AT&T is “worried” and that it needs to take “cheap shots” at T-Mobile’s network now that it’s “turning up the heat.” Clearly, though, T-Mobile also thought it needed to respond to AT&T’s advertisements, which probably only started because of the CES comments, in some form. T-Mobile has yet to activate its own 4G LTE network and is the last of the big four carriers to do so.