In the midst of Verizon’s Motorola soiree, T-Mobile sent out invites for an Un-carrier X event being held on Nov. 10. The carrier doesn’t say what CEO John Legere has planned, but if it’s anything like T-Mobile’s previous events, it’s going to shake up the industry.

Previous Un-carrier events got rid of two-year contracts, introduced Data Stash, and more over the past few years, building the reputation of T-Mobile as a carrier that just doesn’t concern itself with what its competitors are doing. And on top of all that, its network has grown considerably. In fact, T-Mobile’s coverage is incredibly fast in a lot of areas where Verizon and AT&T might be clogged.

Un-carrier X is scheduled to kick off at 11 a.m. PST on the Nov. 11, and we’ll be on hand to see what Legere has in store.